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M1 ARM Macs crash when using Fabulous Graphics mode as was the case in older versions, but no lack of support warning is shown


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    • 21w11a
    • 21w10a
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    • Java 11 and Java 8, MacOS 11.0/10.16, M1 Architecture Macs (Tested on a M1 Mac Mini Gen1)
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    • Crash, Rendering
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      In a similar case to previous versions of Java Minecraft, M1 ARM Macs crash when using the Fabulous Graphics mode. However, unlike in those previous versions, no unsupported functionality warning is shown when switching to Fabulous Graphics. This occurs both under Rosetta mode, and when running natively via Zulu Java 11 and natively compiled external libraries.

      For reference, here is the crash dump provided by macOS when this occurs under Rosetta mode as a txt:

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