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Crash upon replacing soul sand or magma with the other under a tall bubble column using /setblock


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    • 21w10a
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      The bug

      The server crashes upon replacing soul sand with a magma block or replacing a magma block with soul sand under a tall bubble column (tested with 2032 block tall water).

      Discovered while testing the fix of MC-214082.

      A crash report is attached, as well as the world generation settings file used to create the world.

      How to reproduce

      World setup
      1. Select Singleplayer → Create New World
      2. Set your Game Mode to Creative, and make sure cheats are allowed
      3. Select More World Options... → Import Settings, and import the 216363.json file
      4. Select Create New World
      The bug
      1. Run the command:
        /fill ~ 1 ~ ~ 2031 ~ water
      2. Run the command:
        /setblock ~ 0 ~ soul_sand
      3. Run the command:
        /setblock ~ 0 ~ magma_block


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