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Some chunks occasionally don't save properly, resetting progress


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      I've been playing on a vanilla snapshot server with friends, when I encountered a bug where chunks would fail to update / save after blocks were placed or removed. This is only effecting a select few chunks.


      In the screenshots you can see me place two grimstone blocks down. After this, I leave the server and rejoin, the pillar is gone and I am missing my two grimstone blocks.


      This effectively makes this area impossible to build in, as anything you place is lost once you leave. I'm not sure why chunks are straight up not updating or saving, I did nothing out of the ordinary.


      I have tried to restart the server to fix the issue, but it persists even after that.


      EDIT: I have tested this further, and after I killed myself in game from fall damage, the issue no longer occurs. I have no idea what caused it to trigger in the first place, but it definitely seems like a pretty big issue as you can easily obtain infinite resources with it if you figure out how to purposefully trigger it.

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