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Big dripleaf texture mirrored incorrectly from underneath


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      For a comprehensive list of other examples of issues with 2D planes in models not being mirrored as expected, click here.

      The bug

      The planes composing dripleaf plants do not mirror on the back as one would expect, resulting in physical/illogical weirdness.

      How to reproduce

      1. Place a large dripleaf
      2. View the light pixel on top of the dripleaf
      3. View the leaf from below
      4. Note that the position of the light pixel has shifted

      Relates to MC-190774, MC-199237, MC-199239, MC-199241, MC-199242, MC-199248, MC-201748, MC-201750, MC-201751, MC-201753, MC-201760, MC-202595, MC-202598, MC-203036, MC-205158, MC-206570, MC-212305, MC-214693, MC-214694

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