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Sculk sensors do not detect daylight detector mode switching


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      I'd strongly recommend also adding a sound (or empty sound event at the very least) for this, since many related actions (e.g. changing a comparator's mode) have sounds.

      This action would without a doubt be considered a "block change", and as such should create a vibration of some sort.

      How to reproduce

      • Place down a daylight detector and a sculk sensor nearby
      • Change the mode of the daylight detector by right-clicking on it
      • Take note as to whether or not a vibration is created and/or if the sculk sensor is activated upon switching the daylight detector's mode

      Expected Behavior

      A vibration would be produced upon switching daylight detector modes, which the sculk sensor would detect.

      Observed Behavior

      No such vibration is produced, and the sculk sensor is not activated at all.

      Code analysis

      Code analysis by Avoma can be found in this comment.

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