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Placing glow lichen in lava creates waterlogged glow lichen


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      When glow lichen is placed in lava source blocks, a waterlogged glow lichen is placed, thus a water source block is created. Other waterloggable blocks don't have this issue.

      What I expected to happen:

      I expect glow lichen either to be lavalogged (but that's strange) or to remove the lava without creating water when placing it in a lava source block.

      What actually happens:

      If placed in a lava source block, the lava the lichen is placed in converts to a water source block and the glow lichen is placed as a waterlogged block into the created water block. Any surrounding lava reacts with the new water accordingly. Placing lichen in flowing lava works properly, but flowing fluids don't seem to destroy the lichen (reported in MC-212116).

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Find or create a pool of lava (source blocks)
      2. Place glow lichen in one of the lava source blocks
         The lava converts to water

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