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Sometimes Villagers can't unclaim their beds



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      Sometimes when you move a Villager away from his claimed bed (100+ blocks away or move him to the Nether) he does NOT unlcaim his bed. Either he has to die or the bed must be destroyed in order for their "bond" to end.

      I was expirementing with Raid mechanincs when I noticed this. I managed to start a raid with ONLY 1 bed around (its Villager was either in the unloaded Nether or 200+ blocks far from the bed). No other Villagers or whatever nearby.

      I assume this is a bug since, from my knowledge, if a Villager is moved more than 100 blocks away from his claimed bed then he unclaims it, and in my situation he didnt.

      If nessasary I can also provide some proof about this.



      So I uploaded a video demonstrating this issue.

      1. First I create a Village by adding a Bed and a Villager near it. The villager claims the bed as it is shown by the green particles.
      2. I move the Villager 100+ blocks away from the bed. He should have lost connection with this bed and unclaim it.
      3. I kill a Pillager Captain to obtain the Bad Omen effect, which enables a Raid when you are close to a Village.
      4. A Raid occurs.

      So, since the Raid occured it means that the Village was still... a Village (Village = 1 Bed + 1 Villager), which means the Villager DIDN'T unclaimed the Bed after being moved so far.

      Minor details:

      1. I have tested this with more than 100 blocks and it is the same. Max blocks I have tested this was 300-350 blocks far away.
      2. I have also tried to move the Villager to the Nether. He still has the connection with the Bed. The Raid started with just only the Bed in the Overworld.




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