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Shulker box sound desync caused by opening and immediately closing a shulker box



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      Related to and basically the opposite of: MC-93106

      If you open and immediately close a shulker box, it will not play the shulker close clunk sound immediately. Instead, it will wait for the time where the box should have been fully opened by, and then play the close sound. With chests, the chest close sound plays immediately. This means the shulker close sound plays after the time that it should.

      This is caused by the fact that the shulker box sound is intended to make a whoosh as it is closing, and then a clunk as it closes. However, if you close it when it is not fully open, it causes it to complete the sound with the clunk a moment after the box is already closed. This could be resolved by splitting the sound into two parts, a whoosh and a clunk, where the whoosh plays as soon as it starts closing and the clunk plays when it finishes closing.

      It is likely that the same happens with shulkers as well if they close before they are fully open (i.e. the case in MC-223467).




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