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Simultaneous vibrations don't trigger as expected


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      The image below shows a contraption that triggers two stick pistons at the same time, and the skulk sensors detect the vibration of the left most first, ignoring the right one, making the signal strength differ when in fact, the signals should be the same strength. (Edit: If you build this in different coordinate positions, the output that is produced also changes, sometimes the left one is detected first and even sometimes the result is different in opening than in closing)

      The way I see this is that the signal the skulk sensor intuitively should output would be the max of all signals received in that tick, and not just the first or whatever the way this works. That way would make more sense and the workings of it would not be directional and random based on hashes, but much more reliable and easier to work with.

      In a nutshell, the way the skulk sensor deals with simultaneous vibrations is just not right. If instead the skulk sensor outputs the max of all signals received the amount of things we could do with it increase a lot.

      Please think twice before just marking this as "Working as Intended". Contraptions like Neural networks and easier bedrock compatibility would be possible if this is addressed.

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