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Shooting bow with flame enchantment while sneaking triggers sculk sensor


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      According to the release notes for 20w49a "...some motions that are undetectable to sensors by sneaking", these "sneak friendly vibrations" include:

      throwing/shooting projectiles


      Tested on a new world to be safe.


      Firing an arrow that is ON FIRE from a bow (enchanted with flame) while holding SHIFT (crouch) causes the sculk sensor to be triggered @ comparator level 9 (not even 'Projectile Shoot' trigger ).


      Things to NOTE:

      Level 9 considers "Hit Entity", but the arrow does not hit anything nearby, the arrow is shot several chunks away.

       I shot the arrow while sneaking BEFORE enchanting with Flame ... and the Sculk sensor was not triggered


      Likely relates to: MC-207384

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