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Dripstone subtitles are not capitalized properly


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      The bug

      Relates to MC-206550.

      When water or lava drip into cauldrons, the subtitles are missing. This is MC-206550. However, looking into the en_us.json file, we can see that these subtitles are included:

      "subtitles.block.pointed_dripstone.drip_lava_into_cauldron": "Lava drips into cauldron",
      "subtitles.block.pointed_dripstone.drip_water_into_cauldron": "Water drips into cauldron",

      However, the word 'cauldron' in both of these subtitles should be capitalized.

      How to test

      1. Locate your Minecraft folder
      2. Go to versions -> version of your choice, and extract the contents of the .jar file
      3. Open the folder assets within the extraction of the .jar file
      4. Navigate to minecraft -> lang -> open en_us.json
      5. Locate the strings above, and notice the non-capitalized words

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