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Cauldrons below stalactites at least 2 blocks tall won't fill up


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      Cauldrons under stalactites only fill with lava/water if there's only a single stalactite tip below the fluid source block. If the stalactite is at least two blocks tall, it won't fill up. However, the water/lava dripping particles still show.

      To reproduce

      • Place 2 cauldrons, a single block layer a few blocks above them, and water/lava source blocks on top of the layer above the cauldrons.
      • Place a single stalactite tip above one of the cauldrons, and a stalactite at least 2 blocks tall above the other one.
      • Change randomTickSpeed to a high value (e.g. 300)

      The cauldron under the single stalactite will fill up (in a short time if randomTickSpeed is high), while the other cauldron won't. Both of them will spawn drip particles however.

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