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Breaking ice with kelp under it doesn't create water


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      The bug

      When breaking ice with kelp under it, it does not turn into water.

      How to reproduce

      1. Place ice on top of Kelp.
      2. Go into Survival Mode.
      3. Break the Ice.

      *.mp4 video attached


      • Most likely due to kelp not registering as "Waterlogged".
      • Bottom half slabs that aren't waterlogged still turn ice into water.

      Edit History

      1. Renamed Summary. Waterlogged Kelp isn't possible; Kelp permanently has water inside of it, but isn't classified as "Waterlogged". Possibly the reason for this bug?
      2. Revamped description for better viewing pleasure.
      3. Added theories.
      4. "If there are new recipes" vs "if there is anything"

      Anyone may claim this bug report at will if there is anything needing to be added.

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