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Parrots sitting on shoulders do not freeze in powder snow


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      The bug

      When a parrot is sitting on the shoulder of the player and the player walks into a block of powder snow, the parrot does not take freeze damage.

      How to reproduce

      1. Summon and tame a parrot by feeding it seeds
      2. Poison the parrot by running the command:
        /effect give @e[type=minecraft:parrot,sort=nearest,limit=1] minecraft:poison 100000 1

        This will make sure you know if/when your parrot takes damage.

      3. Poison yourself by running the command:
        /effect give @s minecraft:poison 100000 1

        This is so you know when your parrot would die if this bug was not present (it should die at the same time as you).

      4. Wait until you have a half heart left of health and your parrot stops playing damage sounds, then pick up the parrot by walking to it
      5. Walk into a block of powder snow at your eye level
      6. Wait until you die
        Respawn, and notice how the parrot is still alive

      Relates to MC-115048.

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