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Bell does not set the center of the town



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      I am building a village in a submarine rift. I started adding villagers (I kidnapped them from some natural village far away). There were 2 farmers at first and everything worked fine. Then I added a fisherman on the opposite side of the rift, and trouble began to appear.

      I had set a bell on a little island in the middle of the rift (2020-11-18_23.44.24.png) but the farmers would not meet there during gathering, even though it's close from their beds. They would instead gather around their beds or in the stairs leading to their farm (weird spot, there's no point of interest close to it) (2020-11-19_00.06.59.png), which means that they don't have knowledge of a close bell. I would expect them to claim the bell and gather around it.

      The fisherman would however forget his bed, refusing to sleep at night time, and forget his job during daytime (2020-11-18_23.12.04.png). I would expect him to forget neither of them. Note that he does gather around the bell when he has a job.

      Thirdly, there are 3 villagers, 4 beds, yet the 2 farmers don't try to bread during gathering, which means 1 bed is not recognized, which I don't understand. I would expect the 2 farmers to attempt breading and give birth to a baby, who would claim the 4th bed.

      It seems to me like I do not understand correctly how village boundaries or village center definition work. However, online documentation being too shallow makes it really hard to fix this problem.

      Could you please explain me what rule I am missing and how to fix my village?

      Also, is there some complete, exhaustive, deep documentation about how villages work I could use? Something more complete than gamepedia or other documentations made for casuals. I wish I had the real, sharp, complete knowledge, the type of knowledge that would be written in the code's documentation by a meticulous developper.


      Villages if my favourite thing in Minecraft. I am spending hours trying to understand its mechanics. I am really passionate about it. The lack of online documentation about it keeps me from trully understanding its mechanics, which is really frustratring.


      You can find a save here: https://github.com/PierreTurnbull/minecraftSavePantheon

      Coordinates are around X-250 ; Z50




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