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Spyglass zoom animation plays when disabling F1 mode for the first time when a spyglass is used


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      The bug

      When expanding a spyglass in first person view with F1 mode enabled, and then disabling F1 mode, the zooming animation plays. Toggling F1 mode on and off after this does not play the animation again.

      Relates to MC-204571 and MC-193007.

      How to reproduce

      1. Enter first person view (standard) and press F1
      2. Expand a spyglass; the field of view should change
      3. Press F1
        Zoom animation plays, even though the spyglass has already expanded


      Video of this issue can be found here (0:10): https://youtu.be/aX3FdKG8SqA

      Another video of this issue can be found here (0:35), credit goes to Tsumetai: https://youtu.be/hiNl467wMIs

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