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Levitation particles go on forever when killed by a levitating creeper


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      I was killed by a charged creeper (both the creeper and me were levitating due to a shulker bullet hitting both of us) and when i returned to the place i was killed, there still was the levitation particles where i died. I repeated the experiment with a normal creeper (not a charged one) and the same happened, the particles were still there and wouldn't disappear. Because of this second experiment, i think this bug doesn't relate to the bug of "Charged Creeper particles and/or model can remain after explosions under some circunstances"

      I made a shulker levitate a creeper and made the creeper explode and the particles of this event disappeared, so it wasn't the creeper. I also made myself levitate with a shulker bullet and then used the command /kill, and the particles of this effect also disappeared, so i think that it might have to be a creeper the one who kills you, though i didn't test it with other mobs

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