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Black concrete texture issue with lighting



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    • 1.16.3
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    • Java 1.16.3 (no optifine). Playing on a laptop. Windows 10.

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      Hello, I'm working on a massive project in the nether. It like a lot of black concrete because i want to use it as walls for a 129x129 area. The first wall was good and the black concrete gave the effect of the void. When i started on the second wall, i found an issue with the texture. It looks very strange with a lot of contrast. I dont think the contrast should be that high, at least it isnt that high in all the other concrete variants. (see screenshots) It has something to do with the brightness i think since if i put my brightness below 50% its not bad at all but at 100%, the contrast is really high.

      To reproduce it:
      1. Go to the nether
      2. Place a block of black concrete where there is no light source like lava.
      3. Turn you brightness first to 50% (when the texture is correct)
      4. Now turn it to 100% (when its not correct)
      5. Done.




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