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Sound/visuals difference when shooting through "air" between stairs/bottom slap and water on top



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      Have pool of water (source blocks) above "floor" made of bottom slabs or upright stairs blocks. This leaves a visual air gap (half a block height) between the water blocks and the floor blocks, either wide flat open gap with bottom slabs, or narrow tunnels with stairs. Shoot arrows horizontally through that gap so that the arrow does not hit the floor blocks or the water blocks.

      If the player is close enough and the length of the gap (in shooting direction) is short enough, there is no splash sound.

      But if the player moves a bit away, or the gap is long enough, there will be splash sound(s), even if the arrow doesn't touch water.

      One would expect water to flow down to fill the free space in the block/stair block's space, and thus arrows to make sounds. However, at least visually the water does not flow down, and thus shooting arrows through should not make sounds.

      Or, very least, the sounds should or should not be played consistently, not depending on how long "air gap tunnel" to fly through, or how far away the player was from the gap.




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