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Optional function tags sometimes don't run even when the tag exists


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    • 1.16.3, 20w45a
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      The bug

      When function tags are in a particular configuration, certain functions don't run when you would expect them to. I attached a data pack with the least amount of files needed to reproduce. This configuration has 2 function tags and 2 functions. When loaded it is expected to print two messages in chat, however the observed behavior is that only b:load runs.

        -> #c:a
             -> a:load "say load A"
        -> b:load "say load B"

      It depends on the names of the tags and functions whether or not the bug will happen!
      For example, renaming #c:a to either #c:load, #minecraft:a or #a:load will not cause this bug!


          "values": [
              {"id": "#c:a", "required": false},
          "values": [
      say load A
      say load B

      How to reproduce

      1. Download the attached data pack mc-201840.zip and install it in a world
      2. Run /reload
      3. Observe that only "load B" is printed
      4. Do one of the following actions
        • Replace "required": false with "required": true
        • Rename #c:a to #c:load (and update reference in #minecraft:load
      5. Observe that both "load A" and "load B" are printed

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