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Bees get stuck in sweet berry bush patches, specifically around walls



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      • Bees often get stuck in patches of sweet berry bushes, usually in a sweet berry bush that is surrounded on all sides by other sweet berry bushes or blocks. 
      • When the bees are stuck, they don’t move, although their wings still flap, but also don’t take damage. It appears they are trying to fly out of the sweet berry bushes but can’t. If I walk into the bushes to push them out, or a fox pushes them out, or the sweet berry bush is removed, they return to normal behavior.
      • How to recreate:
      • Make a long wall with two layers of sweet berry bushes in front of the wall for its entire length
        • The wall can go over terrain changes of 1 block in height
      • Put a beehive or Bee Nest 3-4 blocks above the ground right after the sweet berry bushes, facing the wall, with a campfire under it.
        • Put bees inside, probably best if inside before placing.
      • Put flowers 5-10 blocks behind the wall. Make sure they are the only flowers within a 22 block radius of the Beehive/Nest, so that the bees will eventually find those flowers.
      • Let the bees fly back and forth a few times, from the beehive, over the sweet berry bushes, over the wall, collect poline from the flowers, then fly over the wall and sweet berry bushes back to the hive. After a few trips, Bees should start getting stuck.
      • Once they are stuck, any entity can push them out of the sweet berry bushes to get them unstuck. Removing the sweet berry bush also gets them unstuck.
      • Pictures:
      1. Three bees are stuck in this line of sweet berry bushes, two near the campfires, one near the foot of the player.
      2. Two bees are stuck in this other line of sweet berry bushes, one that’s nearly out of the sweet berry bushes (but is still not moving), and one behind it that barely visible.
      3. Different perspective of photo 2, showing the background bee more clearly.
      4. Photos 4-6 are the same perspective as photo 1, with a bee in the background that is flying normally.
      • It seems to happen most often if the sweet berry bush has a block next to it that doesn’t have the same size as it does for pathfinding purposes, like walls.
      • I noticed in some early 1.16 snapshots, before the bee pathfinding received an update, bees would often get stuck behind walls or fences, thinking they could fly through it for a flower close behind. I thought this was mostly resolved, but it appears combined with the sweet berry bushes, the pathfinding gets an error.
      • I noticed this because I have a wall surrounding my village with two layers of sweet berry bushes around the walls. I have beehives and Bee Nests outside the walls, and the only flowers within range of them are inside the walls. When the bees try to get from their hives/nests, they hit the wall instead of flying over it, getting stuck in the sweet berry bush in the process. Sometimes, the bees also get stuck in berry bushes away from the walls, but blocked by grass blocks because of change in terrain, supposedly on their way back to the hive/nests because they already have pollen. So, this pathfinding error happens both ways. 
      • The chunks I'm in were generated for the first time while I was playing 1.16.2, Java edition. I've already saved all the bees from these bushes once, and they got stuck again. I haven't checked if this happens in other villages/biomes than snowy tundras.
      • Other bees from beehives in the same area, where the bees don't have to fly over walls to get flowers, haven't gotten stuck in sweet berry bushes yet, at least that I have noticed.
      • Thanks for looking at this and trying to fix it!


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