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Making piglins and piglin brutes angry at certain entities (like dropped items) crashes the game


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    • 1.16.2
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      The bug

      I was messing around with piglins anger system to see what they can be angry at.

      Suprisingly, the game will crash if you force them to be angry at certain ones.  The only entities I have tested are: Area of effect clouds, dropped items and item frames, altough I suspect that other similar entities, such as projectiles, will produce the same crash.


      Steps to reproduce:

      Spawn in a piglin and one of the mentioned entities above then run this data modify command, replacing type=item with desired entity:

      /execute as @e[type=piglin] run data modify entity @s Brain.memories.minecraft:angry_at.value set from entity @e[type=item,limit=1,sort=nearest] UUID

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