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Villagers lose their discounts when relogging while it is a zombie villager



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      The bug

      When you cure a zombie villager to get discounts, and then turn him back into a zombie villager and then relog and cure him again, it will lose the discounts. They only disappear upon relogging when he is a zombie villager.

      How to reproduce:

      1. Spawn a villager and make it link to a work station
      2. Make sure to play on hard difficulty
      3. Spawn a zombie to turn him into a zombie villager
      4. Cure him
      5. Use this to command to speed up the process:
        /execute as @e[type=minecraft:zombie_villager,distance=..20] run data merge entity @s {ConversionTime:0}
      6. Turn him back into a zombie villager
      7. Relog
      8. Cure him again and use this command:
        /execute as @e[type=minecraft:zombie_villager,distance=..20] run data merge entity @s {ConversionTime:0}

        The prices will be as they were before, because he lost all of its discounts and then got one single discount through the curing process.




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