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Raids often will not end in defeat when all villagers are dead if there are job sites in the village


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      Raids do not end naturally, even if all villagers have been killed, which results in raids that continue for hours or raids that can still be won, despite the player basically failing to protect the village.

      This seems to be affected by the existence of job sites.

      To reproduce:

      • start a raid
      • wait for the villagers to die
      • raid continues
      • after 30 minutes it ends without a victory or defeat. It should end in defeat, continued by illagers cheering their victory,

      Use this command to locate villagers

       /effect give @e[type=villager] glowing 15

       Despite there being no villagers anywhere near, the raid kept continuing.

      Update - After some more testing the bug seems to mostly affect large villages.

      Update #2 - this also means a raid can be won with all villagers dead.

      Update #3 - raid will only end in defeat if I personally remove all work sites. This makes me believe the bug is related to those. Illagers will never destroy work sites by themselves, which means a raid will not end this way naturally

      Update #4 - after even more testing I can safely say work sites are the cause of the issue

      Update #5 -

      Example seed for testing


      And the village used is

      /tp @s 1680 ~ 60272 

      Update #6 - 100% caused or affected by job sites in a form or another.

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