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Subspace Bubble advancement cannot be completed with 7 km distance


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      So... I was trying to get all the advancements and I noticed that the 'Subspace Bubble' advancement wasn't working.

      To get this advancement, you need to travel 7000 blocks in the Overworld by using the Nether as a shortcut. What I do is build a nether portal, enter it, teleport 1000 blocks away, build a nether portal where I just teleported, enter it, and I should get the advancement. This method has worked in previous versions/snapshots, but not the ones listed above. I tried it multiple times, and I still get nothing, which is very weird. Even by manually traveling 1000 blocks in the nether then going back to the overworld doesn't work.

      I hope you can fix this.

            mgatland [Mojang] Matthew Gatland
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