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Level.dat, Level.dat_old and player files in the playerdata folder can become corrupt in certain situations


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      Moderator Note

      Please attach the console log of your game using these instructions after having done the following:

      1. Open a world
      2. Make some changes to it, ones that will likely lead to corruption
      3. Leave the world
      4. If the world has disappeared from your saves list, please copy the log and provide it here - if not, please start again with Step 1.

      To make the world appear again in the saves list, you can rename the newest of the "level##########.dat" file to "level.dat" in the folder of the save affected by this.

      When an update is given to a tile entity ( adding items into a chest, placing a chest... etc). directly before saving and exiting a world, the level.dat file is deleted or lost (don't know). this now only loses any inventory and disappearing from the in-game world list. the way i temp fix it is to use a backup of the world and simply copy the level.dat and level.dat_old onto the non-backup world  

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