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Book signing GUI has broken formatting for right-to-left languages


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    • 20w28a
    • 1.16.1, 20w27a
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      The bug

      The book signing screen of writable books has broken formatting for right-to-left languages because it uses the legacy formatting codes:

      • The blinking cursor which is supposed to change colour instead shows a "0" and a "7"
      • The author's name is not gray and instead it shows an "8"

      See attached Book signing broken formatting.mp4.

      How to reproduce

      1. Change the language to a right-to-left one, e.g. Arabic (first right-to-left language in the list)
      2. Give yourself a book and quill
        /give @s writable_book
      3. Open the book and click the button for signing it (left button)
        The formatting is broken as described above

            boq [Mojang] Bartosz Bok
            Darth Cobby [Mod] j_p_smith
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