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Piglins that convert into Zombified Piglins while sitting on a minecart sometimes sink into blocks



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      The bug

      If a piglin is on a minecart and when it converts into a zombified piglin, it sinks into blocks. It also happens with the baby piglins that convert into zombified piglins which makes them suffocate into the blocks.
      This bug also works if the minecart is boosted by the powered rails, which results the converted zombified piglin to sink into blocks. (See the video below that says "The Result but with the powered rail method")

      How to reproduce

      1. Put rails and a minecart
      2. Spawn a piglin
      3. Put the piglin on the minecart (make sure the minecart doesn't move and be placed on full-block spot, or the bug will not work. Or have the minecart boosted by the powered rails)
      4. Wait for it to convert into a zombified piglin
        Notice it sinks into blocks


        1. it sinks.PNG
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        2. The Result.mp4
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        3. The Result but with the baby Piglin.mp4
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        4. The Result but with the powered rail method..mp4
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        5. Zombified Piglin minecart bug in 20w22a.PNG
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        6. Zombified Piglin minecart bug in Pre-release 1.PNG
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        7. Zombified Piglin minecart bug in Release Candidate.PNG
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