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"inventory_changed" advancement trigger with "items" condition does not work anymore if having the specified item beforehand and then obtaining or consuming a different item



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    • 1.16 Release Candidate 1, 1.16, 1.16.1, 20w27a, 20w28a, 20w29a, 20w30a, 1.16.2 Pre-release 1, 1.16.2 Pre-release 2, 1.16.2 Pre-release 3, 1.16.2 Release Candidate 1, 1.16.2 Release Candidate 2, 1.16.2, 1.16.3 Release Candidate 1, 1.16.3, 1.16.4 Pre-release 1, 1.16.4 Pre-release 2, 1.16.4 Release Candidate 1, 1.16.4, 20w45a, 20w46a, 20w48a, 20w49a, 20w51a, 21w03a, 1.16.5 Release Candidate 1, 1.16.5, 21w05a, 21w05b, 21w06a, 21w07a, 21w08a, 21w08b, 21w10a, 21w11a, 21w13a, 21w14a, 21w15a, 21w16a, 21w17a, 21w18a, 21w19a, 21w20a, 1.17 Pre-release 1, 1.17 Pre-release 4, 1.17 Release Candidate 1, 1.17 Release Candidate 2, 1.17, 1.17.1 Pre-release 1, 1.17.1, 21w39a, 21w41a, 21w42a
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      The bug

      When using an items condition in the inventory_changed advancement trigger to detect for a specific item in the inventory, the advancement does not work anymore if the player has that item beforehand and then obtains or consumes a different item. This is not the case in 1.15.2 and older versions.

      How to reproduce

      1. Install the data pack below in a world for easier reproduction.
      2. Obtain a Crafting Table.
        A ding sound event plays.
      3. Update the inventory keeping the Crafting Table intact.
        The ding sound event does not play even if the inventory changes and preserves the Crafting Table.




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