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floating_islands or caves buffet worlds no longer generate strongholds and ender eyes do not locate previously generated strongholds after upgrading to 1.16


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    • 1.16.2 Pre-release 2
    • 1.16 Release Candidate 1, 1.16
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      The Bug

      Old buffet worlds that were generated using the caves or floating_islands generator do not generate strongholds anymore.
      Ender eyes also do not locate strongholds that were already generated previously anymore.

      How to reproduce

      1. Go to 1.15 and generate a new buffet world using the caves or floating islands generator
      2. /locate Stronghold
      3. tp to the located stronghold
      4. Open that world in 1.16
      5. /locate stronghold
        Nothing is found
      6. Try to throw an ender eye
        The ender eye entity does not appear

      There are also 2 1.15 buffet worlds attached to this ticket with generated strongholds for easy reproducing.

      Code Analysis

      Inside the NoiseGeneratorSettings, the presets CAVES and FLOATING_ISLANDS are initialized with a constructor of StructureSettings, where the parameter generateStrongholds is set to false. This parameter is currently only set to true for OVERWORLD and AMPLIFIED.
      Setting it to true here should be okay and not cause any side effects.
      If a generator is used that does not have any overworld biomes, no strongholds will generate, since only overworld biomes support strongholds.

      The parameter in question enables the special strongholds configuration.
      In the JSON-fied version this equals to adding this inside of dimensions -> minecraft:overworld -> generator -> settings:

      "structures": {
      	"stronghold": {
      		"distance": 32,
      		"spread": 3,
      		"count": 128

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