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'/list uuids' shows parentheses incorrectly for right-to-left languages


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      The bug

      The /list uuids command shows the parentheses which are supposed to enclose the UUID incorrectly for right-to-left languages.

      Note that this appears to not be a translation issue for these specific languages. The problem is rather that the parentheses are not part of the translation, but are instead appended by code (see net.minecraft.world.entity.player.Player.getDisplayNameWithUuid()). This might be solvable by adding a translation %s (%s) to which then the formatting is applied and the player name and UUID is inserted into it.

      This is not a duplicate of MC-191571 because for this command separate code is used. However, it would make sense to create a similar method to the one used by MC-191571 nonetheless.

      Reproduction steps

      1. Change the language to a right-to-left one, e.g. Arabic (first right-to-left language in the list)
      2. /list uuids

        The parentheses are misplaced

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