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Grass decays too quickly when covered in water


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      Since 20w12a (MC-130137), grass decays underwater - which is a great change! However, it is decaying too quickly! Grass starts to decay into dirt instantly, which doesn't make much sense, because:

      • The time for grass to begin decay (nearly instant) vs grass spread (multiple minutes) is way out of proportion
      • This makes farms with automatic water-flush systems (like flower farms) difficult to build without killing everything
      • Two seconds of flood watering shouldn't instantly kill grass! (But it does.)

      To build a flower farm around this feature, I'd need to use shifting floors, or flying machines, or have an innate understanding of grass spread mechanics, or make really long delays to allow grass regrowth – all of which take my mind out of the game world and make me think about low-level game mechanics instead.

      Proposed Solution

      Grass shouldn't start to decay until it has been underwater for a certain amount of time.

      One way to do this might be to use a "decay counter" similar to crop growth (but with no visual changes), which could reset once the water is removed. This would keep the current behavior of random per-tick chance to decay, but make it much less likely for dirt blocks to appear instantly.

      If that's not possible (or practical), can we at least reduce the chance per tick for underwater grass to decay?

      Additional Information

      As an example, I've attached screenshots from my flower farm, which uses an automatic bonemeal dispenser & water flush cycle. The first shot was taken shortly after activating the farm (after one water flush), the next two seconds later, and the last three seconds after that. Within 10 seconds of the farm starting (2 water flush cycles), there is already noticeable grass decay. It doesn't take long (usually within 1-2 minutes) for enough grass to decay that the farm no longer functions at all, despite what should have been plenty of exposure to air.

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