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Some UI strings are not consistently capitalized


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    • 20w30a
    • 1.16 Pre-release 7, 1.16 Pre-release 8, 1.16 Release Candidate 1, 1.16, 1.16.1, 20w27a, 20w28a
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      Some strings in the UI don't seem to have consistent capitalization.

      This ticket serves as a collection ticket for all such capitalization issues in the UI.

      The column "Valid" is to be used by Mojang for deciding how to resolve this issue:

      • unknown if valid or not
      • valid, will be/have already been fixed
      • correct as it is

      Affected strings

      Translation key Current string Ticket Valid
      container.enchant.level.requirement Level *r*equirement: %s
      deathScreen.spectate Spectate *w*orld MC-190108
      deathScreen.title You *d*ied! MC-189194
      deathScreen.title.hardcore Game *o*ver! MC-190108
      deathScreen.titleScreen Title *s*creen MC-189195
      debug.cycle_renderdistance.help F3 + F = Cycle render distance (*S*hift to invert) MC-189186
      debug.pause.help F3 + Esc = Pause without pause menu (*i*f pausing is possible) MC-189186
      event.minecraft.raid.raiders_remaining Raiders *r*emaining: %s
      gamerule.category.updates World *u*pdates MC-189149
      gui.recipebook.moreRecipes Right Click for *m*ore MC-189533
      gui.recipebook.toggleRecipes.all Showing *a*ll MC-189526
      gui.recipebook.toggleRecipes.blastable Showing *b*lastable MC-189526
      gui.recipebook.toggleRecipes.craftable Showing *c*raftable MC-189526
      gui.recipebook.toggleRecipes.smeltable Showing *s*meltable MC-189526
      gui.recipebook.toggleRecipes.smokable Showing *s*mokable MC-189526
      gui.toMenu Back to *s*erver *l*ist MC-189910
      gui.toTitle Back to *t*itle *s*creen MC-196090
      item.modifiers.chest When on *b*ody: MC-189155
      item.modifiers.feet When on *f*eet: MC-189155
      item.modifiers.head When on *h*ead: MC-189155
      item.modifiers.legs When on *l*egs: MC-189155
      item.modifiers.mainhand When in *m*ain *h*and: MC-189155
      item.modifiers.offhand When in *o*ff *h*and: MC-189155
      jigsaw_block.joint_label Joint *t*ype: MC-189133
      jigsaw_block.target Target *n*ame: MC-189133
      jigsaw_block.target_pool Target *p*ool: MC-189133
      menu.paused Game *p*aused MC-190077
      mount.onboard Press %1$s to *d*ismount MC-189536
      options.graphics.warning.accept Continue without *s*upport MC-189080
      options.graphics.warning.cancel Take me *b*ack MC-189079
      optimizeWorld.confirm.title Optimize *w*orld MC-189191
      record.nowPlaying Now *p*laying: %s MC-189946
      structure_block.include_entities Include entities: MC-195781
      structure_block.mode_info.corner Corner *m*ode - *p*lacement and *s*ize *m*arker MC-189532
      structure_block.mode_info.data Data *m*ode - *g*ame *l*ogic *m*arker MC-189532
      structure_block.mode_info.load Load *m*ode - *l*oad from *f*ile MC-189532
      structure_block.mode_info.save Save *m*ode - *w*rite to *f*ile MC-189532
      structure_block.show_air Show *i*nvisible *b*locks: MC-189532
      structure_block.show_boundingbox Show *b*ounding *b*ox: MC-189532
      subtitles.item.armor.equip_turtle Turtle *s*hell thunks MC-188495
      None Chunk-*r*elative MC-189205
      None Integrated *s*erver MC-189185
        Cover Me *W*ith Diamonds MC-187544

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