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Clicking the "Take me back" button causes translucent blocks to stop rendering


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    • 1.16 Pre-release 7
    • 1.16 Pre-release 6
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    • MacOS Catalina
      Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650
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      The bug

      In the "Video Settings" menu, if you try to change your graphics setting to fabulous while using a computer that does not support the fabulous option, you will be shown a warning screen. If you click "Take me back" to exit the warning screen, then when you continue playing in your world translucent blocks will no longer render. Relogging, using F3 + T, or going through a nether portal will cause translucent blocks to render again. Completely transparent blocks such as regular glass render correctly. Also, while this bug is occurring, leaves will render as if the fancy option is selected even if the fast option is selected.

      To reproduce

      Please see the attached video.

      Translucent Blocks Stop Rendering.mp4

      Affected blocks (There might be more)

      • Water
      • Stained glass
      • Stained glass pane
      • Nether portal
      • Slime block
      • Honey block

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