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Piglin still uses player swinging animation despite now holding weapons similar to a Vindicator


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      The bug

      Although the Piglin now holds weapons similar to a Vindicator, it still uses the player swinging animation which prevents smooth animation transitions.

      Special thanks to Latelag in this comment for discovering the bug:

      They raise their arms like vindicators but the attack animation is still [that] of a player, meaning their arms [would not] smoothly transition from one location to the other.

      The bug relates to MC-186102 which is resolved as Works As Intended.

      How to reproduce

      1. Use the following command to obtain a strong Resistance effect:
        /effect give @s resistance 300 127 true
      2. Use the following command to spawn a Piglin:
        /summon piglin ~ ~ ~ {HandItems:[{},{id:"minecraft:golden_sword",Count:1b}],IsImmuneToZombification:1b}
      3. Switch to Survival mode, and then have it attack the player.
        The Piglin swings its arm similar to a player and then snaps back to hold its weapon similar to a Vindicator.

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