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Zombified Piglins drop less XP than before


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    • 1.16 Pre-release 7
    • 1.16 Pre-release 3
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      Zombified Piglins that are not killed by a player drop less experience over time than in previous versions. This affects certain farm designs.

      Original bug description:

      I just tested out my Zombie Pigman farm after Mojang recently re-implemented the XP Bug.

      In snapshot 20w22a, all worked well as each aggravated Pigman dropped XP as well as rare drops (Gold Ingots and Gold Swords). As of pre-release 3, although Pigman do remain aggravated, they drop the same amount of XP as in pre-release 1 and 2, and never drop Gold Ingots or Swords.

      In pre-release 3 it was stated that all Zombie Pigman functions would return to normal behavior (like snapshot 20w22a)... their loot tables have not been properly updated for pre-release 3.  It was stated that these major changes to Pigman behavior would not be introduced until later versions of the game, however, their behavior is still no longer the same as in snapshot 20w22a, and thus resulting Gold/XP farms REMAIN broken.

      NOTE: In 20w22a, I would obtain 30 levels in under 2 minutes  by aggravating one Pigman — with this pre-release, I only receive approx. 12 levels after angering numerous Pigman.

      TLDR: Zombie Pigman remain aggravated when attacked and drop gold nuggets (fixed in pre-release 3), but each pigman does not drop XP nor Gold Ingots/Swords upon death as they did in snapshot 20w22a.

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