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Double sound for fall damage


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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Minecraft 1.6.4
    • Minecraft 1.4.3, Minecraft 1.4.6, Minecraft 1.4.7, Snapshot 13w01a, Snapshot 13w01b, Snapshot 13w04a, Snapshot 13w05b, Snapshot 13w06a, Minecraft 1.5, Snapshot 13w11a, Minecraft 1.5.1
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    • Confirmed

      When receiving fall damage, two sounds will play, the fall damage sounds (plays when you land painfully) and the normal damage sound (this plays when you actually take the damage)

      What I expected:

      • Just the fall damage sound to play.

      What Happened:

      • The normal damage sound plays a fraction of a second after the fall sound.

      This is more noticeable on servers because of the sight ping delay.

      This didn't happen in 1.4.2 or bellow.
      Sorry I couldn't provide a video, my screen recorder can't record sounds.

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