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Named seeds that are not numbers are not being recognized


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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • 20w21a
    • 20w20a, 20w20b
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    • World generation
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      To Reproduce

      1. Create a world with seed a in 20w20a.
      2. Check the seed by using /seed command.
        • Expected: 97
        • Actual: a random number

      Original Description

      In the latest snapshot I tried using a world generated with the seed "a", which should be seed "97".

      However in this snapshot the seed I received was much longer, and resembled a seed that would generate randomly. I tried the same "a" seed again, and I received a different seed yet again. I tried this with other words and they all give back random seeds. When I tried the seed "1" the world generated with the seed "1", which leads me to believe this is only the case for seeds made up of letters.

            fry [Mojang] Georgii Gavrichev
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