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"Serious Dedication" advancement is also granted from picking up a netherite hoe, not crafting one like it mentioned


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      The Bug

      The description of this advancement says "Use a netherite ingot to upgrade a diamond hoe" but you can get it just by picking one up.

      Steps to Reproduce

      • Revoke the "Serious Dedication" advancement from yourself.
        /advancement revoke @s only minecraft:husbandry/obtain_netherite_hoe
      • Obtain a netherite hoe by using the "/give" command.
        /give @s minecraft:netherite_hoe
      • Take note as to whether or not you are granted the "Serious Dedication" advancement upon executing this command.

      Observed Behavior

      The "Serious Dedication" advancement is granted by simply obtaining a netherite hoe, and not crafting it as mentioned within the advancement's description.

      Expected Behavior

      The "Serious Dedication" advancement would only be granted after crafting a netherite hoe, to correctly match the criteria of the advancement's description, or the advancement's description itself should be changed to mention that you can simply obtain a netherite hoe and not have to craft one.

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