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Chunks raising and lowering. Complete squares in equal dimensions, missing or appeared.



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.15.2
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      Op system is macOS Catalina 10.15.4 on a MacBook Air.
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      Last night went through the end portal and died. I lost all my good stuff. A bit annoyed with myself. Then finished off for the night.

      Came back in the morning to find that I had not lost any of my inventory. I then proceeded to build an XP farm and got half way through it during today.

      I then came back to it later tonight and found that there were big equal sized chunks missing as well as appearing. I also lost most of my awesome village and all of my inventory. 

      As you know it takes a while to be able to get through to were I was. I do move cautiously and minimise risk. so it has been a while since I started this game. A lot of hours have gone in to this. So I hope you feel my frustration. 

      I also have a sizable mob spawner and only have a 1/4 of it left.

      The cuts in the chunks are all vertical. The missing chunks have fully grown vegetation like kelp and trees that weren't there a couple of hours ago.

      All I have done since having the issue is leaving my computer to go to sleep it self. Around an hour or so. I came back to find the chunks appear and disappear. 

      A secondary issue that may be related a while ago, is me going through a nether porthole back into the over world and the same thing happened. I was there previously and was all good. 

      The chunks are all within the same visual field of view. If that helps.

      Also the chunks have been reassembled incorrectly as in the attachment. Something got lost in the saving of the game. If you look carefully one part of my mob spawner, it has been detached and is to the top far left of the picture. My spawner is also square to put things into perspective.

      If you'd like to contact me for any more info email me here on voetsek01@yahoo.com.au.

      Cheers fellas. I hope something can be don with this. Please let me know the outcome. Thanks.


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