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Horse jumping sound is unused


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    • 1.16 Pre-release 3
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      The bug

      For a very, very long time, the horse jumping sound has mysteriously went unused as of today. When you jump while riding on a horse, only the landing sound is played. The horse jumping sound can only played when using the playsound command.

      The playsound commands

       /playsound minecraft:entity.horse.jump player @s 
       /playsound minecraft:entity.skeleton_horse.jump_water player @s 

      Not only the horse jumping sound is unused but the subtitle "Horse jumps" is also unused. All the "Music & Sound" settings are left untouched. And I'm pretty sure that anyone might have not noticed this.

      How to reproduce

      1. (Optional) Enable subtitles
      2. Tame a horse
      3. Jump
        There is no sound for when horses jump, only the landing sound is heard. With subtitles on, the subtitle for the horse jumping sound is absent as well.

      Note: This has been reported as MC-145437, but the reason why I created the issue is that the user themselves has been inactive as their last activity was in March 2019 with no response at all. I can confirm that this is still an issue as of the latest version (1.15.2) and the latest snapshot.

      I also attached the sound file itself here of what it sounds like when it used to play in game.

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