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Sticky and unregistering keys during normal Minecraft play only, AMD processor driver conflict?



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      In minecraft I have been annoyed for the past couple months because of a reoccuring glitch in the game. I don't remember the exact time it started, but I do remember that this glitch was not present in 1.4.2, and from at LEAST 1.4.7 and every version onward has had this bug present. The problem is that many times a key won't register, this affects the main part of the keyboard only, esc still works fine, and only happens during normal play. If I am in multiplayer and begin chatting, all keys register properly, however when trying to move or re-open the chatbox, as well as jump I encounter problems. Many times the key will not register, and I find myself pressing keys more than once out of habit when trying to move it is occurring so often. Continuing from that, many times when I attempt to move in a different direction and release the previous movement key, I continue in that direction indefinitely until I hit that key again and it registers, which again takes multiple tries most of the time. This happens without any coincidental actions. I have searched around a slight amount and found this is not a very popular problem. I also know that AMD processors are not very popular. In addition, my brother, who plays upstairs on our desktop computer with an Intel Pentium processor, has not seen this problem before and plays Minecraft almost every day. I have a feeling this is a result of a conflict between the AMD processor's driver software and Minecraft. This occurs in all game modes, SMP or SSP, both modded and unmodded clients.




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