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Bastion Remnants cannot be generated in in superflat worlds


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    • Windows 8.1 Gateway laptop. Java Edition. F3 details displayed in one of the images.
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      I've created superflat worlds in an attempt to see uncovered Bastion Remnants. I add a layer of bedrock at the bottom and forty blocks of netherrack above it, then I set the biome to Nether Wastes. Lastly I add in "bastion_remnant", and none show up. Using /locate makes everything stop. Mobs stop moving and chunks stop loading in. Fortresses work as intended and /locate works with them as well. I've tried using the tags "bastion" and "remnant" but when I use /locate it just says there's no structure around, as it's supposed to. I have to go into Task Manager and end the task to close out the game after using the command.

      In the images below, you can see that subtitles are on but nothing it making noise, chunks stop loading in, and no more enemies spawn. /locate works with fortresses, also shown.

      To reproduce, enter this into the present box when creating a superflat world: "minecraft:bedrock,40*minecraft:netherrack;minecraft:nether_wastes;bastion_remnant" or "minecraft:bedrock,40*minecraft:netherrack;minecraft:nether_wastes;fortress,bastion_remnant" if you would like to try it with fortresses. Then in the world type in the command "/locate Bastion_Remnant".

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