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      I've been playing for months in a world of minecraft, one day my computer ran out of battery in the middle of the game, do not take care, but when I go to select my world, this no longer appears in the interface worlds, what is strange is that my world appears in the folder saves in appdata, according to what invetigue this is known as corrupt world and is resolved by copying the file level.dat from a new world, to the corrupt one, when I did it, actually my old world appeared in the interface, with its icon, but when I entered to it I had the data (biomes, form, villages, spawn point) from the new world, all the constructions and places from the old one were gone, as if I had copied the new world to the corrupt one, I still have a file from the old world, I tried to copy its level.dat to a new world and so copy its form, but instead the new world also stopped appearing in the interface, what do I do? 

      Please this time really help me, I need someone to help me with the problem, not to tell me that someone else has it or had it, last time they told me it was a duplicate, and when I saw them, they had more duplicates, in the end I arrived at an infinite loop of duplicates without obtaining the solution that I was looking for from the beginning, the few that I found did not help me, I need you to tell me this time how to solve it, not if someone else did it, tell me the solution, not that it is a duplicate



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