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LodestonePos tag remains on lodestone compass if LodestoneDimension tag is set to other dimension and no lodestone exists



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      The bug

      When a lodestone compass realizes that the lodestone it was set to no longer exists, the LodestonePos tag is deleted. However, if the LodestonePos tag is set to a different dimension, but no lodestone exists in the spot, the LodestonePos tag isn't deleted until the player enters that dimension with the lodestone compass.

      How to reproduce

      1. Run command while in the overworld:
        /give @a minecraft:compass{LodestoneDimension:"minecraft:the_nether", LodestonePos:{X:0, Y:0, Z:0}}
      2. Notice how the tag stays on the compass even though no lodestone exists at those coordinates (run command: "/data get entity @a SelectedItem" to check)
      3. Entering the nether deletes the LodestonePos tag because it does not detect a lodestone at the coordinates, although one never existed in the first place.

      This also can be reproduced by setting a compass to a lodestone in the nether, placing the compass in a chest in the overworld, and destroying the lodestone.

      In both cases, the LodestonePos tag on the compass will remain even though a lodestone does not exist at that location. But bringing the compass back into the nether will delete the LodestonePos tag because it checked for a lodestone at the coordinates and could not find one.




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