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Piglin and Zombified Piglin right arm/leg/loincloth textures are identical to the left ones


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      Despite the fact that these specific mobs DO allow for separate left and right body part textures, for some reason in the .png file there now are identical textures.

      This wasn't an issue with Zombie Pigmen in 1.15.2, back then the separate left/right parts were not identical, but mirrored. 

      For the Zombified Piglin this results in it having:

      • identical left and right arms (see red circles in attachment)
      • identical left and right legs (see blue circles)
      • the loincloth texture is "split" from the half (see white rectangle)

      For the Piglin:

      • identical left and right arms (see top green circles)
      • identical left and right legs (see bottom green circle)
      • left and right ears do not match

      This looks like an oversight when creating the new texture.

      EDIT: Added the texture file itself too to illustrate better what is causing the identical textures

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