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Windows symbolic link in saves/ is no longer followed as of 20w14a


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    • 20w16a
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      Minecraft no longer follows windows symbolic links to a world in the save/ directory. When clicking on the "play" icon on the world selection page of the launcher, a message appears at the top right of the window: Failed to access level.

      What I expected to happen was...:
      I should be able to play via the Minecraft launcher a world in %APPDATA%\.minecraft\saves that is a symbolic link to the actual world

      What actually happened was...:
      I get the error message "Failed to access level"

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. In a directory dedicated for running the server jar, start the server and create a new world – call it bug
      Note: I run my server on my D:\ drive
      2. Stop the server
      3. Start a command prompt window "as Administrator"
      4. Change directory to %APPDATA%\.minecraft\saves
      5. Enter the command: mklink /d bug "d:\...path-to-server-directory...\bug"
      6. Start the launcher, run 20w14a and attempt to play world "bug"

      Being able to play a world solo and, when wanting to play the same world after starting a server, it is extremely useful to use a symbolic link. I do not relish copying a world back and forth while keeping track of which save is the most current. Attempting that will lead to inevitable errors. This is new as of 20w14a since the prior snapshots and releases (back to 1.12 at least) had no problem following symbolic links.

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