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Fire & Soul Fire blocks from explosions can generate floating.


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      The Bug:

      Alright, so, I was playing around with the new Respawn Anchor blocks. I noticed how they explode in the overworld, and some of the fire blocks spawned would end up floating. This is also the case with soul fire. I'm sure this isn't intentional, so below I have provided a step-by-step guide to easily replicate the bug.

      To Replicate the Bug:

      1. Create an 11-by-11 platform of any block in the Overworld that can be blown up, but is NOT able to be burned, such as grass/dirt blocks.
      2. Place a Respawn Anchor in the center of the platform.
      3. Fully charge the Respawn Anchor using Glowstone blocks.
      4. Use the Respawn Anchor with an empty hand. This will cause it to explode.
      5. If you did it right, some fire from the explosion should generate floating in the air, as shown in the provided screenshots.

      This also occurs with Soul Fire.

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