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Soul Speed 3 on Soul Soil in water keeps and increases player momentum


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      The bug

      Enchanting any boots with Soul Speed III, wearing them and moving on Soul Soil in 1 high water source blocks will retain the player's momentum when the key is no longer pressed, and keep increasing the momentum until either

      1. The momentum is stopped by an obstruction/missing water or soul soil.
      2. The momentum is stopped due to chunks not loading fast enough.
      3. The server instance crashes.
      4. The player logs out and back in.

      It doesn't work with lava on soul soil, or Soul Speed enchanted boots with level lesser than 3.

      This has been reproduced by several players in both multiplayer and singleplayer environments.

      How to reproduce

      Have Soul Speed III enchanted boots equipped in 1 high water source blocks on soul soil. Tap and release any movement key.


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