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Desync when mounting an entity while sneaking


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    • 20w22a, 1.16 Pre-release 3
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      The bug

      Double right-clicking quickly on a minecart while pressing and holding shift (press shift at the same time as the first click) leads to Minecraft thinking you are in the minecart while you are not actually in the minecart. If you move too far away from the minecart, it becomes impossible to break or place blocks, and pressing sneak causes you to be teleported back to the minecart as if you had just dismounted it.

      To reproduce

      1. Place a minecart on a rail
      2. Enter the minecart and start sneaking at the same time
      3. Quickly right-click / try to enter the minecart again
      4. Walk away
      5. Try to place a block
        The block disappears again
      6. Try to open a chest
        You're unable to open the chest
      7. Sneak
        You get teleported back to the minecart



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